Thursday, 7 January 2016

Final Preparations at Wardown Hospital

Wardown House 1914 [Z1306/75/8/2]

Friday 7th January 1916: In November we heard that Wardown House was being prepared as a hospital for wounded soldiers. There are currently just 21 patients being treated there but the military authorities are anxious for the hospital to be fully available and have been told it should be ready to receive a consignment of wounded patients within a few days. Just a few minor repairs and renovations are now needed, which will be carried out by the Luton Borough Engineer. Luton Town Council is contributing half the £10 cost of rearranging the heating apparatus and the provision of hot water. The Voluntary Aid Detachment have applied for the use of rooms currently occupied by the caretaker but their application has been refused. The matter has now been referred back to the Parks Committee asking them to reconsider; the hospital committee is anxious that the entire house should be given over to the hospital as in order to work efficiently it will be necessary for nurses to sleep on the premises.

Mary Green and Nora Durler, the commandants of the hospital, have asked for donations of money, domestic items, household linen, fruit, flowers and vegetables. They have also appealed for the following medical appliances:
  •  A wheeled trolley with a stretcher for transporting the sick and wounded
  • One or more self-propelling wheelchairs
  • An irrigator with a stand
  • A set of three enamel wash bowls on a stand for the operating room
  • One dressing waggon for the wards.
Source: Luton Times, 7th January 1916

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