Tuesday, 24 November 2015

The Pinney Brothers of Luton

Arthur, Percy and Wilfred Pinney

Wednesday 24th November 1915: All three brothers of the Pinney family of Luton have now been wounded in the present conflict and one has spent over a year as a prisoner of war. Private Arthur Pinney of Windsor Street joined the 1st Bedfords eight years ago. As a reservist he returned to his regiment on the outbreak of war and went through some of the heaviest fighting during the first few weeks before being wounded in the chest and taken prisoner. Before the war he was working for the British Gelatine Company.

His brothers Percy and Wilfred were both sent out to the Dardanelles with the 1st/5th Bedfords. Percy was wounded at Suvla Bay in the first days of fighting; he has now recovered and been sent back to Gallipoli for another go at the Turks. Wilfred was wounded at the same time as his brother; he is still recovering in hospital at Tooting. Private Bert Payne, the husband of the Pinney brothers’ sister Emily has suffered the same fate as his brother-in-law Arthur. Another reservist of the 1st Bedfords employed at the Gelatine Works, he was also taken prisoner during the early days of the war.

Source: Luton Times, 26th November 1915

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