Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Engineer Hit by a Pickaxe at Clophill

Clophill Village, c.1904 [Z50/31/33]

Wednesday 17th November 1915: One of the difficulties facing the military authorities is the need to provide a satisfactory water supply for the various military camps established in the county. Clophill enjoys excellent water from the lower greensand and Ampthill Urban District Council has agreed that this may be conveyed to the camp at Haynes Park. The job of laying pipes was given to the Monmouthshires. Unfortunately Private Parsons, one of the Monmouthshire engineers, suffered a nasty accident while carrying out the task when one of his comrades, Private Parry, accidentally stabbed him in the knee with a pickaxe. Immediate treatment was provided by a military surgeon and the young man is now progressing well.

Source: Luton Times, 19th November 1915

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