Monday, 9 November 2015

Success of Telescopic Sight Appeal

Hazells Hall about 1920 [Z1306/99]

Hassells Hall, Sandy c.1920 [Z1306/99]

Tuesday 9th November 1915: In August our war correspondent mentioned that Mr. Francis Pym of Hassells Hall, Sandy had appealed for funds to provide the marksmen of the Bedfordshire Regiment with telescopic rifle sights. Mr. Pym has announced in a letter to the Bedfordshire Standard that the appeal has reached a successful conclusion:
 “Dear Sir, - I am writing to say that the above Fund is now closed, as I have, through the kindness and liberality of ladies and gentlemen of all classes in the county, been able to collect £180, which proved 18 Telescopic Sighted (extra) Rifles for the six Battalions of our County Regiment. These have been most gratefully and thankfully received by the Battalions, as the letters which I am asking you to publish will show. While acknowledging with many thanks the subscriptions which I have received, I would also offer my apologies to any whom my appeal may have annoyed, but my excuse must be my extreme keenness to help, in however small a way, to bring this terrible war to a conclusion.”
A letter of thanks from Lieutenant-Colonel R. T. Toke, commanding officer of the 6th Battalion of the Bedfordshire Regiment leaves no doubt of the usefulness of these new weapons:
“Dear Mr. Pym, - It is most kind of you and the county men and women of Bedfordshire to send us the Telescopic Sights. No gift could have been more useful or more appreciated, and I hope you will convey to those who so generously subscribed how grateful the officers, N.C.O.’s, and men of the Battalion are, for the gift. I have a splendid lot of officers and men under my command, and I feel confident that they will always do well and uphold the honour of their county.”
Source: Bedfordshire Standard 5th November 1915

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