Thursday, 22 March 2018

Success of Bedford Business Men’s Week

Wednesday 22nd March 1918: The executive committee of the Bedford War Savings Committee, which was responsible for organising the recent Business Men’s Week in the town, has written a individual letter of thanks to all those involved, including fifty volunteer house-to-house collectors. Sales of War Bonds during the week reached £137,970 and of War Savings Certificates £19,347 17s. 6d, bringing the totals for the year to 9th March to £230,095 and £49,936 7s. respectively. Expenditure incurred in raising these large sums was only £39 19s 6d. The Committee writes:
“It is to the personal service and influence of yourself and others that this widespread movement owes its strength. We know you will leave no stone unturned to extend the educational and permanent side of our work which is of such great service to the community and without which we cannot hope to attain complete and lasting success.”

Source: Bedfordshire Standard, 28th March 1918

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