Thursday, 28 July 2016

The Mayoress’s Working Party: A Call for Volunteers

Friday 28th July: In the old committee room at the town hall, Bedford, the Mayoress, Mrs F. R. Hockliffe, and her party meet daily to make hospital supplies for the troops and garments for women and children in allied nations. However, over August and September, the party will be depleted and more volunteers are needed to carry on the good work. 

Since 6th January 1916, the Mayoress and her party have sent out quantities of garments to Serbian women and children, fly-nets to Egypt (at the request of the War Office), as well as hospital shirts, socks, helmet covers and anti-vermin belts for the troops. At the beginning of the month, when the big push started, the Mayor and Mayoress visited London to enquire what work women could most usefully carry out, besides munitions work. They were instructed to organise hospital supplies. British hospitals and allied hospitals are in urgent need, owing to the increased number of casualties at the front. 

Bedfordshire Standard, 05/08/1916
The committee room at the town hall has been prepared specially for hospital work, with a target of producing one hundred garments a week. Members of the public can visit the working party and inspect the work every morning. The Mayoress is confident that the citizens of Bedford will give generously to help soldiers fighting in increasingly precarious circumstances.

Source: Bedfordshire Standard 28/07/1916

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