Thursday, 14 July 2016

Miss Walmsley’s “At Home” Exhibition

Friday 14th July: An exhibition embracing cookery, laundry, upholstery and needlework is held at Miss Amy Walmsley’s school, part of Froebel teacher training college. Miss Walmsley is a prominent figure in Bedford, being the first female councillor of the town, and very active on Bedford’s home front. Her school specialises in domestic science and economy. A number of new and tempting dishes are on display amongst the cookery exhibits, created with a view to the strictest economy in the use of meat and fish. Roast beef, boiled hams, homemade bread and cakes – walnut cake being a speciality – blanc mange and fish cutlets...all were served-up in a manner to tempt the most jaded appetite. Vegetarians also had a wide choice of attractive dishes and salads.

Miss Walmsley and her young ladies are praised for the spotless, ‘mirror-like’ condition of cooking utensils and the quality of their needlework. The newspaper notes that ‘in these strenuous days, the work of women in nearly every sphere can…be termed war work.’ Miss Walmsley’s exhibition was, in short, an ‘education in the art of how to do things.’

Amy Walmsley (centre) dress-making with college students (ref: Z50/9/346)

Source: Bedfordshire Standard, 21st July 1916

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