Monday, 21 March 2016

German Raid on Ramsgate

Unexploded Zeppelin bomb, 1916 [Wikimedia]

Tuesday 21st March 1916: Mr. Reuben Parrish of Gravenhurst and his wife have received a dramatic letter from their son Cyril. When the war broke out Private Parrish was in Canada and he joined the Canadian Forces. He was wounded on active service in France and is now recovering at the Canadian Hospital in Ramsgate. Yesterday there was a terrible German air raid on the town which he describes in vivid terms:

“It is Sunday night and I have just come in from chapel after an awful day. I will tell you why. The Germans have been here today and have dropped some bombs. One of them fell on our hospital about 2 o’clock. I and my chum were out for a walk and saw two planes over our heads, and the next minute we heard something like a shell coming down. We rushed into a house, and we had hardly got inside before a bomb came through the roof with awful force, and shattered the house a good deal. We were both knocked down and shaken up a bit, but otherwise not hurt. I have had a lot of near shaves in France, but that is the nearest I ever had or ever want. Another bomb fell higher up and killed a man and five little children who were going to Sunday School. It was, sure, a sad sight. They were blown to pieces, and it upset me more than I ever was in France. Well, we will tray and forget it, but I don’t want them to come here again just yet. My face doesn’t get much better, and I am going to have my eye examined this week to see what they can do for it.”

Source: Luton News 23rd March 1916

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