Saturday, 8 November 2014

Postal Instructions

Luton Postwoman c.1916 [Z1306/75/20/22]

Sunday 8th November 1914: If you want to be sure that your letters and parcels will arrive safely with the soldiers you intend them for please follow the advice below:

  1. Write the address in ink, not in pencil.
  2. Write the name plainly, include Christian names or initials, and if possible the regimental number. If you address a letter only to “Mr Smith, Blankshire Regiment” it is likely to go to entirely the wrong person.
  3. Put the last known address and add a note “kindly forward”.
  4. If you know the soldier is in the fighting line, put “Expeditionary Force” after the name of the regiment. If unsure address it to “The Depot”.
  5. Put the sender’s address on the back of the envelope or parcel.
  6. Package cigarettes or tobacco in a disused mustard or other tin, preferably square.
 Do not worry if you do not get a quick reply. A letter may have to follow a soldier to several stations, and he may not have a nearby YMCA tent with postal facilities.

Source: Luton News 5th November 1914

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