Thursday, 6 November 2014

Bedfordshire National Reserve

Shire Hall, Bedford [Z1306/10/58/8]

Friday 6th November 1914: Older men who are veterans of the armed forces have been wondering how they can put their military experience to use in the current conflict. An answer to this question has been provided by the following notice which has appeared in the local press:
Bedfordshire National Reserve        

Men who have served in the Army, Navy, or Volunteer Forces should apply to be registered in the above Force, stating age and previous service. 
They will be registered in two classes:
            Class 2 … … Ages 42 to 50
            Class 3 … … Ages 50 to 55

Men under 42 can only be registered at this time if medically unfit for General Service. The Bedfordshire National Reserve has already provided over 170 Men for H.M.Forces, since mobilisation, in addition to the Railway Guarding Company of 120 men. 
It is hoped to raise two more companies of Guards. 
            Apply in writing: -
                              MAJOR JARVIS, SHIRE HALL, BEDFORD
 Source: Luton News 5th November 1914

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