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A Baker's Boy

H. Mortimer's Bakery at 104 Spring Road, Kempston, c.1900 [Z50/67/133]

Saturday 7th November 1914 (Kempston): A letter has been received by Henry Mortimer and his wife Ethel from their son Harry who is training on the East Coast with the 3rd Battalion of the Bedfordshire Regiment. Before the war Harry worked at his father's bakery in Spring Road, Kempston.
From 3rd Batt. Beds Regt. No 1 Coy
Address reply to: Beach Road, Felixtowe
November 3rd 1914

Dear Father and Mother,

The weather is lovely now, and we are again on ordinary drill. Another lot of our men were picked out for Belgium today; I was talking to Agg Perkins last night, and he tells me I am a fool to stop in this company with a lot of Reserve men, so I intend seeing the company officer as soon as I get a chance, and explain things to him. It appears my name has been confused with another chaps of the same name, so I may be able to get in the ninth with all my old chums after all. I hope so anyway. I was reading in a Bedfordshire newspaper last night, at the Picture Playhouse with my chum, that the ninth is to [be] trained at Ampthill Park. Yesterday I had a fine hot bath and a change at a barber’s shop in Felixstowe, it cost ninepence but I should have been sorry to have missed it at double the price. How is the motor-car going, I expect it will be a bit of bother at first the same as the gas-engine was, until you get used to its tricks. Well I will close now, hoping to be able to say that I am in the ninth next time I write. Good-bye. Tell Eric no fag cards yet. [1] 

Your aff. Son Harry
 Source: FAC139

[1] Eric was Harry's five year old brother

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