Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Women's Registration Bureau

Thursday 13th August 1914 (Bedford):  A Women’s Registration Bureau has now opened at the Modern School. The Bureau is taking applications from any women who want to volunteer to help with the war effort. A list is being kept of how many hours a week ladies are able to work and which of the following tasks they are willing to carry out:

• Nursing (only trained or partly trained nurses, or those with home experience can apply)
• Domestic – cooking, house work, laundry etc
• Secretarial
• Languages
• Visiting as inspectors or disbursers
• Needlework
• Messengers (to use motor cars and motor cycles)
• Medical dispensers

The Bureau already has 600 volunteers, though as 490 of those are for needlework it seems the talents of the ladies of Bedford are not quite as varied as might be wished.

Source: Bedfordshire Times 14th August 1914

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