Sunday, 24 August 2014

An Exercise in Good Manners

Scottish horse riding through Cople, 1914 [Z68/1]

Monday 24th August 1914 (Bedford): The Highlanders are still in town and are an ever present topic of conversation. Among the Bedford girls they are already winning a reputation as good dancers and good singers. The townsfolk may be a little too appreciative as the local newspaper carried the following notice:  “We have been asked to express to the people of Bedford the Commanding Officers’ grateful recognition of the many acts of kindness bestowed on their men, and to express the hope that the townsfolk will refrain from buying the men intoxicating liquors”. Whatever their drinking habits the behaviour of the men has so far has been entirely gentlemanly. An employee at the newspaper offices was cycling on a country road when he met a company of Scots exercising their horses who were taking up the entire road. The officer asked if he wanted to pass, then ordered the troops to clear the way for him.

Source: Bedfordshire Times 21st August 1914 and 28th August 1914

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