Monday, 25 August 2014

Intruder at the Waterworks

Bedford Corporation Waterworks 1912 [Z293/1]

Tuesday 25th August 1914 (Linslade): Last week an incident took place at the waterworks in Linslade when one of the guards saw something creeping along the side of the fence and fired three shots. The area was searched carefully but nothing was found. It was feared that an intruder may have poisoned the water in the reservoir and a sample was sent to the Public Analyst for testing. Linslade Council held a special meeting today at which the analyst's report was read. No trace of poison has been found and the water has been declared safe to drink. In any case the reservoir had already been thoroughly cleaned and the filtering sand replaced. A lot of fuss and work was created by this supposed "intruder” which it is now suspected was probably nothing more a dog or fox.

Source: Luton News 27th August 1914

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