Sunday, 31 August 2014

A Terrible Accident

Monday 31st August 1914 (Bedford): News of a tragedy which cost the life of one of their number has reached the Highlanders billeted in Bedford. A group of soldiers visited St Neots yesterday and went to Eynesbury to bathe in the river. When they arrived they realised it was ladies’ day and sat some distance away. After a time they realised two girls had got into difficulty and two of the men went to their rescue. One of these, Walter Taylor, was bringing one of the girls back to the bank when the other caught hold of him. The poor lad sank and was caught in the weeds where he drowned. The girls were rescued by others of the group of soldiers who found a punt. Young Taylor came from Aberdeen, where ironically his address was Bedford Road. His funeral is to be held tomorrow at St Neots.

Source: Bedfordshire Times 4th September 1914

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