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Luton Casuals Football Club

Luton Casuals Football Club [Luton News]

Wednesday 15th March 1916: The Luton Casuals Football Club, which is closely linked to the King Street Congregational Church, is persistently failing to turn up for its fixtures. This is because every member of the team has swapped his black and white striped jersey for khaki. The team list now reads:

P. Burnet (King’s Liverpool Regiment) – wounded, in hospital in England

H. Sharp (24th London Regiment, The Queen’s) – discharged from Army unfit for further service owing to wounds
Leslie Hart (Middlesex Regiment, Public Schools Battalion) – wounded, in hospital in England

W. Coggins (3/1st North Midland A.S.C.) – training at Nottingham
F. Webb (Vice-Captain) (9th London Regiment) – “somewhere in France”
P. Darby (24th London Regiment, The Queen’s) – killed in action in France
S. Burnet (Inns of Court O.T.C.) – recently gazetted

George Hart (24th London Regiment, The Queen’s) – “somewhere in France”
F. Biggs (Despatch Rider, 1/1st North Midland Division) – “somewhere in France”
H. Webb (Captain) (24th London Regiment, The Queen’s) – “somewhere in France”
S. White (R.A.M.C.) – “somewhere in France”
Alec Webdale (9th London Regiment) – “somewhere in France”
F. Facer (Lieutenant, Army Veterinary Corps) – training

A. Mahon (London Rifle Brigade) – “somewhere in France”

Source: Luton News, 16th March 1916

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