Wednesday, 17 February 2016

The Cheshire Brigade Celebrate Meeanee Day

Sir Charles Napier, Governor of Sindh 1843-1847 [Wikimedia]

Thursday 17th February 1916: Today is a red letter day for those soldiers of the Cheshire Brigade now based in Bedford. February 17th is celebrated every year by all members of the Brigade as “Meeanee Day” to commemorate the British victory at the Battle of Meeanee (or Miani) in 1843, when a force of only 2,500 under Sir Charles Napier defeated the much larger army of the Talpur Amirs and succeeded in annexing the Indian province of Sindh[1]. The Cheshires’ have won seven battle honours, but among these their success at Meeanee is considered to be their greatest achievement.

To mark Meeanee Day all members of the Brigade are wearing real acorns and oak leaves (the emblem on the Cheshires’ cap and collar badges), and have been given a holiday from all military duties. This morning 54 men from the 2/4th KSLI, 2/5th, 2/6th and 2/7th Cheshires took part in a cross-country run of about 3¼ miles to Goldington and back, with Private Hullah D.C.M.of the 2/5th Cheshires the winner in a time of 25 minutes. This afternoon Brigade sports are being held with events including a sack race, a potato race, a Victoria Cross race, tug-of-war and tilting the bucket. A refreshment buffet is to be provided by the Borough Recreations Committee.

Source: Bedfordshire Times, 18th February 1916

[1] Now in Pakistan.

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