Friday, 29 September 2017

Waste Paper to be Recycled

Bedford Road, Kempston c.1920 [Z1306/67/12/2]

Saturday 29th September 1917: Kempston Urban District Council has considered a letter from the Paper Commission urging for the more economical use of paper and the collection of waste paper so that it can be sent to a depot for re-pulping. The Chairman suggested that this could best be carried out by school children and that the matter should be handed over to the head teachers of schools. Children have already successfully collected eggs for hospitals, and collections of horse chestnuts and blackberries are going well. It was considered a good thing for children to “do their little bit”, but with the reservation that boys should not be allowed to tout for paper, but only to call at houses when asked to do so.

Source: Bedfordshire Standard, 28th September 1917

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