Monday, 18 September 2017

Mouth-Organ Wanted

Manchester Street, Luton, with Luton News offices on the left, c.1930 [Z1306/75/10/40/9]

Tuesday 18th September 1917: The Luton News has received the following letter from Private B. Walters, currently serving in France:
“Sir. – I should be greatly obliged if you could find space in your local paper (being one of the old Luton boys) so that we could obtain a musical instrument of some kind, such as a mouth-organ, so as to pass the nights away. It is very dreary now the long nights are coming on, and it would cheer the boys up. We have tried all the canteens, etc., and cannot obtain one of any description. I have been out here sixteen months and am pleased to state I have received your paper every week ever since I arrived in France. Best of luck and wishes from the old Luton boys, and wishing your paper every success.”
Source: Luton News 20th September 1917

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