Monday, 26 February 2018

Luton's First Labour Justice of the Peace

William Mair, 1918 [Luton News]

Tuesday 26th February 1918: The first Labour man to be appointed a Justice of the Peace for Luton will take his seat on the Borough Bench for the first time tomorrow. Mr. William James Mair, who was born in Glasgow, has lived in Luton for about 35 years. He started work at High Town Foundry as a moulder. He then went to the Langley Foundry; when it merged with the Davis Gas Stove Company he moved to the Diamond Foundry, where he has remained ever since apart from one interval. He has long been interested in Trade Unionism and is a member of the Central Iron Moulders, which he has served in various capacities. He has been a member of the County Appeals Tribunal since its foundation, is a member of the Luton War Pensions Committee, and is Chairman of the Local Advisory Committee set up by the Ministry of Labour to deal with industrial questions. He is expected to be a great asset to the Bench as he “is level-headed, talks only when he has something to say, and is very practical”.

Source: Luton News, 21st February 1918

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