Saturday, 10 February 2018

Comrades of the Great War

George Street, Luton 1905 [Z1306/75/10/23/2]

Sunday 10th February 1918: The organisation “Comrades of the Great War” has recently established itself in Luton. It is hoped that a club and headquarters will soon be opened in premises at 5 Upper George Street, which had been occupied by the military authorities for some time but have now been taken over by the Comrades. The object of the organisation is to create a fellowship among those who have served the country in his Majesty’s Forces, on land, at sea, or in the air. The social club is intended to provide members with some home comfort and also to offer an employment bureau for demobilised men. The promoters also hope to eventually be in a position to give practical help to the dependents of men lost in the war. Last week the membership stood at 288, with over 200 in Luton. The organisers are at pains to stress that they are not in opposition to the Discharged Soldiers’ Federation, and if that impression had been given by anyone it was deeply regretted. Politically the organisation is neutral, with men of any political inclination welcome. The chief desire of the leaders of the movement in Luton is to establish a club which will be a boon to any men who return from the war friendless, and will help to cement friendships and the spirit of comradeship acquired by sharing the fortunes and misfortunes of war. The membership fee is one shilling, with one shilling extra for the badge; the cost of enjoying the social side of the club is expected to be one or two pence a week.

Source: Luton News, 7th February 1918

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