Saturday, 28 January 2017

New Rector Addresses Volunteers

Z1130/11/1/3, St Cuthbert's Church  (Bedfordshire Archives and Records Service)
Sunday 28th January 1917: The new rector of St Cuthbert’s, Rev W. R. Scott, impressed with an address to the Bedfordshire Volunteers at a church service this afternoon. Rev Scott had just relinquished his commission as an Army Chaplain and missed addressing large groups of soldiers. In his address, he made comparisons between Britain and Israel – both nations, he said, were chosen for a very special purpose by God, a purpose not yet fulfilled, and both were inexperienced.  

Reflecting on an individual level too, Rev Scott stated that he could not see how men could be the same as they were at the beginning of the war and that the fighting between Christian nations proved the bankruptcy of Christianity. The only way for permanent peace was for nations to come back to the teaching of Christ.

Source: Bedford Record 30/1/1917

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