Friday, 27 January 2017

A New Idea: Recycling

British Government Salvage Poster, 1939-45 [Wikimedia]

Saturday 27th January 1917: An unknown correspondent has written to the Luton News with the sensible suggestion that consideration should be given to reusing – or should we say “recycling” – food packaging:
“Sir, - In these days when economy is the first thought, I wonder why the tradesmen do not ask for empties to be returned, such as Oxo tins, paste glasses, coffee bottles, cocoa tins, and many other things too numerous to mention. Would it be any use to ask in your paper for information on the subject? Many would be glad to know. Personally I object to putting them in dust bins, as many do. My idea is, nothing should be wasted, and I have always practised it as far as I could, and feel we should as far as possible help others who have not been taught.”
Source: Luton News 1st Februrary 1917

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