Saturday, 2 January 2016

Day of Prayer and Intercession

Colmworth Church [CR-PH]

Sunday 2nd January 1916: Today is being observed as a national day of prayer and intercession for the progress of the War, with services held throughout the British Isles and across the Empire. In the parish magazine the rector of Bolnhurst tells his parishioners:
 “This day is to be set apart as a special day for prayer and penitence in connection with the War. Prayer because we need God’s help and guidance more than perhaps we have ever needed it, as the War is not now only in France or Russia and the Dardanelles, but has developed in another very important sphere, the Balkans … it is part of the enemy’s plans to embroil us in as many campaigns as they can, in order to weaken us in the main theatre of War, France.”
 At Colmworth special services will be held at 11 and 6, with Holy Communion at midday, and the afternoon service at Ravensden will give the friends of the many men who have left the parish to fight for their country an opportunity of special prayer for them and for our country. Collections taken at the services will be given to the British Red Cross.

Source: Bolnhurst, Colmworth, Roxton with Great Barford, Ravensden and Wilden Parish Magazine, January 1916 [P28/30/23]

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