Tuesday, 5 January 2016

A Biggleswade Footballer Writes Home

Biggleswade Football Club, 1909-10 [X758/2/1/23]

Wednesday 5th January 1916: Private Frank Garner, a former vice-captain of the Biggleswade Football Club now serving with the 9th Seaforths, has written to a friend in the town. He counts himself fortunate to have been out of the firing line over Christmas and hopes that this year will see the end of the war.
“The last day we were [in our billet] we got another taste of the Huns gas. We were in bed when one of our early rising cooks came rushing in the hut and shouted “Gas”. You ought to have seen the scramble for gas helmets, etc. Scrambling for sweets at school treats isn’t in it. Not long after this we had to get extra ammunition and prepare to go into the firing line, but we were not called on, as the Huns attack was checked. On the same night we started back for our rest and had a night at --- and arrived here on Tuesday. We still get our supply of rain, although we do not feel the effect of it so much, we have got used to it, and we only do about one hour’s drill each day. Luck is with us to be resting at Christmas time although the food is only the same as usual. We have a decent barn for a billet and plenty of straw to lie on, and also clothes for covering. We expect to be here for a month to get fit for the coming year, which possibly will be for the finish of the war. I hope so, although I take things calmly and feel content to be alive and in the best of health.”
Source: Biggleswade Chronicle, 7th January 1916

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