Saturday, 20 September 2014

A Lost Purse

Charles Arthur Irons, town crier of Luton 1906 [Z1306/75/20/17]

Sunday 20th September 1914, Luton: An appeal is being made by the Luton News for contributions of money to help the wife of a soldier who is now serving in Suffolk with the Territorials. Over two weeks ago she lost her purse contained £3 10s of her husband's enlistment money. She had the Town Crier announce the loss and appeal for the return of the purse. When this met with no success her husband wrote to the newspaper saying “we cannot afford to lose such a sum of money, as my money in the Service will not allow me to keep my home on. I am sure that when those who find it know that I am serving my country, their heart will tell them to send it to my wife”. Despite these appeals the purse and money have still not been found.

Source: Luton News 17/9/1914

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