Thursday, 5 January 2017

Motor Car Accident

Ref: Z1306/36/18/1, View of an early motor car accident in Dunstable, 1908 (Bedfordshire Archives & Records Service)
Friday 5th January 1917: An alarming motor accident occurred in the early hours of the morning, the occupants of the car making miraculous escapes. Mr and Mrs Charles Hall of Octagon House, Cople, had been spending the evening with Mr and Mrs Galletly of the Midland Hotel, Bedford. On their way home, a tyre burst over the Fenlake Bridge (Cardington side) and the car dashed into the ditch and up the bank on the left hand side of the road. Mrs Hall was thrown into the ditch, which was filled with water, and ended up with part of the car’s wheel over her leg. Miss Horton, a domestic help travelling with the Halls, came to her rescue by keeping Mrs Hall’s head above water. Once Mrs Hall had been freed, she ran back to the Midland Hotel to seek help and was accompanied by a police officer on duty in St Paul’s Square. She was joined later by Miss Horton and Mr Hall. Both were badly shaken, and Mr Hall’s face and hand were bleeding profusely. They were attended to by a doctor the following morning, before making their way back to Cople.

Source: Bedfordshire Standard 5/1/1917

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