Monday, 19 June 2017

Water Shortages

Water Tower, Stanbridge Road, Leighton Buzzard [Z1432/2]

Tuesday 19th June 1917: The following notice was issued by Leighton Buzzard Urban District Council on Saturday:   
WATER SUPPLYIn consequence of the shortage of water at this period of the year, the above Council request householders not to use more than is necessary for domestic purposes, and to avoid any waste by running taps, etc. Standpipes should be turned off immediately after use.Leaking taps should be reported at once to the Water Engineer, and the same will be re-washered free of charge.Water for “domestic purposes” does not include water for gardens, lawns, etc. Water used for the latter purposes must be paid for according to the scale of charges under the Council’s Water Regulations.In every case where water is used for other than domestic purposes notice should be given at the Council Offices, or to the Water Engineer.Penalties are provided under the Waterworks Clauses Acts for waste or misuse of water.

The Urban District Council of Linslade has now followed suit with a similar edict:
WASTE OF WATERNOTICEAttention having been called to the serious waste of water caused by leaking taps and defective fittings on private property, and the unauthorised use of water for garden purposes in the district.Notice is hereby given that proceedings under the Public Health Act (Waterworks Act) will be taken against any person wilfully allowing any waste or leakage or misuse to occur on his or her premises.NOTE. – It is the duty of every tenant immediately to inform his or her landlord or landlady, of any defective pipe, tap, or fitting, and to report same to the Council in writing.
The need for these ordinances had become acute. Not only has water wastage by consumers become an issue of national importance, but a considerable amount of water is being lost due to burst service pipes. During May the Water Engineer for Leighton Buzzard had to repair to burst pipes in South Street, North Street, St. Andrew’s Street and Market Square. A plan has been draw up of the water distribution system showing where shut-off valves are situated, and five additional valves are to be installed to allow for better control of the system when carrying out repairs.

Source: Leighton Buzzard Observer, 5th and 26th June 1917

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