Monday, 8 May 2017

Communal Kitchens for Bedford

Girls and teachers at the Bromham Road and Horne Lane Schools (Bedfordshire Standard)
Tuesday 8th May 1917: A new catering scheme is inaugurated, introducing communal kitchens at cookery centres in elementary schools. 50 children were present at the Horne Lane Centre and 37 at Bromham Road. The scheme is funded by the Borough Education Committee and local tradesmen have agreed to supply goods at wholesale prices. The kitchens aim to improve mothers’ understanding of rationing, so that nourishing food can be provided at low cost. The centres will provide meals 5 days a week, with cooking and serving done by the girls as part of their school day. Meals will be simple to prepare, costing 4d per head for a dinner and a pudding. There are to be two meatless days and flour and sugar will be kept to a minimum. Where possible, rice will take the place of potatoes. Here is a sample menu for the week:

Monday – Scotch broth & maize meal pudding
Tuesday – Irish stew & beans, with rice mould pudding
Wednesday – Lentil soup with oatmeal dumplings, & rice pudding
Thursday – Sea pie & stewed fruit
Friday – Vegetable hot pot & date custard

Source: Bedfordshire Standard 11/5/1917 

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