Saturday, 15 April 2017

Luton War Hero Wounded

Lieutenant Arthur Andrews

Sunday 15th April 1917: The wife of Luton war hero Second Lieutenant Arthur Andrews, who was awarded the Distinguished Conduct Medal and bar in 1915 has been notified that her husband has been seriously wounded. He is now in hospital in Manchester, where an operation has been performed to remove shrapnel from both his legs. In a postcard to his wife he told her not to worry and that he was as comfortable as possible. She also received the a letter from her husband’s fellow officer, Second Lieutenant George White, telling her of the circumstances: “I have heard from his servant that in bombing a dug-out one of the men accidentally dropped a bomb at Mr. Andrews’ feet. I have been told that his wounds are not serious, he getting one or two splinters from the bomb which compelled him to go to hospital”. 

A soldier with fourteen years in the Army, Lt. Andrews was given a commission in February of this year. His decorations were for showing conspicuous gallantry and ability in keeping telephone communication intact, often superintending the repair of wires under heavy fire. When home on leave his extreme modesty prevented him ever mentioning the deeds for which he was honoured. Lt. Andrews and his wife have four young children, and it is hoped that he will make a quick recovery.[1]

Source: Luton News 19th April 1917

[1] In fact the injuries were worse than initially indicated and one leg had to be amputated, ending Lt. Andrews’ military career [Luton Times 27 September 1917]

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