Monday, 10 April 2017

10,000 Women Wanted for Farm Work

Women from agricultural college hoeing at Arlesey House [Z49/495]

Tuesday 10th April 1917: Advertisements have appeared in the local newspapers asking for 10,000 women to volunteer for National Service with the Women’s Land Army. 5000 milkers, 4000 field workers, and 1000 carters are needed immediately. Benefits for women who enrol will be:

1. A free outfit, high boots, breeches, overall and hat.
2. Maintenance during training.
3. Travelling expense in connection with the work.
4. Wages 18 shillings per week, or the district rate, whichever is the higher.
5. Maintenance during term of unemployment.
6. Housing personally inspected and approved by the Women’s County Committees of the Board of Agriculture.
7. Work on carefully selected farms.
8. Promotion – good work rewarded by promotion and higher pay.
9. After the War, special facilities for settlement at home or overseas.

Source: Luton News, 5th April 1917

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