Monday, 3 April 2017

Assault-at-Arms at Bedford Grammar

AD 3814, Programme for Annual Assault-at-Arms, 1893 (Bedfordshire Archives & Records Service)
Tuesday 3rd April 1917: An annual assault-at-arms at Bedford Grammar School attracted a large audience of ladies and gentleman, as well as scholars. The boys displayed their gymnastic skills, performing on the parallel bars, horizontal bars, rope-climbing and sword fighting. The boys also demonstrated their physical prowess in displays of boxing, wrestling, a bayonet fight and free marching. The audience was particularly appreciative of the vault horse display, whereby the boys leaped over two lads standing and sitting on a horse.

During an interval in the programme the Headmaster (R Carter) praised the gymnastic standards and thanked Sergeant Fowler who had worked strenuously in the absence of Sergeant Brookes, serving at the Front. Gymnastic medals were awarded to two seniors (Earles and Hockliffe) and two juniors (Ashton and Seegar), and a fencing medal was awarded to Halsey. At the close the Head Boy thanked the Headmaster and the national anthem was played.

Source: Bedfordshire Standard 5/4/1917

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