Sunday, 2 July 2017

Luton War Pensions Committee has a Complaint

Alderman J. H. Staddon, Mayor of Luton and President of the Luton War Pensions Committee, as High Sheriff of Bedfordshire 1938-9 [Z49/261]

Monday 2nd July 1917: The Luton War Pensions Committee has expressed considerable indignation over regulations regarding massage treatment which appear to be thoroughly unreasonable. A number of military cases have been receiving massage treatment from William Lawson, the Luton Town Football Club trainer. However the authorities at Bedford Military Hospital have objected, stating that a special form of massage has been devised for military cases which can only be given at a suitable hospital; no fees will be paid to private masseurs. The Military Hospital will accept men sent there for treatment, but the level of inconvenience this would entail is extreme. One man was sent there for treatment on Friday and was told to come back three days a week. Between railway fares and compensation for lost work time this would cost the Pensions Committee around thirty shillings a week, when the same treatment could be given in Luton for four shillings and sixpence without interrupting the man’s working week. When the secretary telephoned the authorities and explained this ridiculous situation he felt the official there agreed and it is hoped that a satisfactory resolution will be found.

Source: Luton News 5th July 1917

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